Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Intro : How to KRABI Yourself with RM350

Previously whenever I've got RM350 extra in hand, usually I will be heading to Aldo to buy some pair of new great skyscraper-heels. However, like any other material that some call as shoes, it get ruin after few years. Better still; gone, missing or misplace by some unfortunate events! 

Interestingly, last week, one of my friend Eeman Teoh and I had decided to have a short-wild-and-impromptu vacation in the exotic beach in the Land of Smile, Krabi, Thailand! With RM350 in hand. That right fellas, RM350 ONLY! Well, not for to person though, but each RM350 per pax! 

When someone came up to you and said, he or she going to go for a vacation by the beach in an exotic land like Thailad; our brain will process immediately roughly a-four-figure budget. I didn't mean RMXX.XX - that is way to cheap though. (laughing out loud). The flight tickets, accommodations, food and etc. Mounting it all up, basically all of us can bought a Coach handbag already! 

Ironically, when we came up with this so-called travel challenge (reason being as both of us usually travel and have a HUGE tendency spent money impulsively) - to have a vacation with RM350 is definitely a challenge for us! 

Throughout this series, I will going to share with all of you readers, the tips, review, travel hacks about Krabi especially when it come around traveling with a VERY very very limited budget! 


  1. this series made me want to go to Krabi badly. I'm currently on a holiday but after reading your posts, I feel d need to go on another vacay!!!

  2. Only RM350 to Krabi? Wow, that great deal! But this moment i think the cost will become double.

  3. Great blog. I was in Thailand. I did not want to leave there. I liked it so relax.