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How to be most comfortable in a long hour flight?


Note : Holla greeting everyone! Sincere apologies for the late update as I was out of town for a while and without connection. The Series "How To Krabi Yourself with RM350" will continue with its 6th chapter next week! 


As stated in the title of this entry, how to be most comfortable in a long hour flight? The answer is YGTBFKM. In a layman term, You Got To Be F*cking Kidding Me. Everyone, every travel writer will have 1 update pertaining to this matter and me no exception. But honestly speaking, how many of these writers will gave you an honest personal opinion and tips on how to survived a long hour flight especially when the plane itself is crampy, small and have a similar ambiance like Kuala Lumpur mini bus in the early 90's? 

If the writer tell you that his / her flight is comfortable, it is either he / she being upgraded to the business class, spend a fortune for their seat, banging the cabin crew, or threaten to bomb the cockpit and etc. But in most economy for budget airlines, with no in-seats entertainment or power outlets. 

It's a BITCH

Especially you in a long hour flight. Thank God our AirAsia didn't flew to Europe (yet! I've read in an article last week if not mistaken, Tony Fernandez is announcing that AA is ready for Europe. Hence the KLIA2 will update their sign of prohibited items on the plane by adding Television, Tablet and etc or else Tony won't be able to charge for their in-seat entertainment usage - guessing from the bimbo point of view) because to be honest, really butt-hurt honest: 

  1. Your sleep will be restless 
  2. Your muscle with ache
  3. Your skin will dried out 
  4. You will feel disgusted as you deplane 
  5. You will also realized that Kim Kardaishian actually will arrive a day earlier and get ready with new make up and hair do prior exiting the airport arrival gate. 
There is no such thing as a magic pill that will make you feel good after a long hour flight. If there is a pill that give you such effect, and you swallow 1 of these pill once disembark from the plane, you will be stop at the custom immigration and perform urine test. 

But today, I'm going to teach you on how to survive it. 

Charge all your devices. Download all your favorite movies or seasons of your fave shows. If you happen to stay in caves all these years, pornography is totally not acceptable especially during flights even if you put on your earphone. Something to do with air pressure inside the male body during the extreme erection during flight up in the sky; that will lead to testicle explosion. (kidding) Stock up you papers and book, especially e-books. Invest in high-quality pair of headphones. I really mean the original good quality. Not imitation that you bought during your holiday in Bali kind of headphones.  Regardless even if you bought in Japan or US, if it is imitation, it is still an imitation yeah?! Finally don't ever-ever-ever plan to finish your job using your laptop or even use your laptop as there is no such thing as elbow room! 

On my trip from BKK - HKG via Thai Airways. 
Comfy Outfit. 
Change into your most comfortable wear before you board. Personally, I love wearing leggings and a boyfriend cotton shirt. If you are a nudist, then this advice would sound like this, "change to the most uncomfortable wear" as nudist thought being naked is their most comfortable attire. Don't forget to bring on board your lightweight blazer or cardigan, and compression socks. In a flight it is all about layers. I also carry a cashmere socks. Am not talking about RM2.00 pair of socks that you bought from the bowling alley tho. I also always bring a scarf to use as a blanket. 

It is advisable not to buy a basic looking eyemask.
Your parents who are not aware what is this will think this is actually a sanitary pad. 

How to get some sleep? 
Look around. If there is a passenger with a child or toddler around you, approach them in your sweetest smile and say this sentences, "I'm very cranky if I'm tired and lack of sleep and please help me God, if your sweet child cries throughout this journey and I can't sleep, he will be skydiving from the exit" (Kidding - but you may try. DON'T  blame me if once you arrive at your destination you will be escorted by the police. Not because you receive VVIP treatment) If the airline offer free booze, Do. Not. Drink. Booze. Alcohol doesn't help you as it only make you sleep during long haul flight worst! Scientifically proven, chamomile tea actually quite helpful in lulling me to sleep, as did the world's best eyemask and neck pillow. Personally I will use the airline provided pillow (when i wrote this, AA never cross my mind as they don't provide any pillow unless you pay extra cash) as a lower back support, my own neck pillow to cradle my head, and used my steeped chamomile teabags (wrap it in a plastic wrap and tissue) as compresses for my eyes before i slipped the eyemask on top.This will helps the skin under your eyes to be hydrated in flight.

I really really want this Eyemask! 

Quench Your Thirst. 
For other airlines that provide meals together with the ticket, you may request gallons and gallons of drinking water for free. And trust me, they don't scoop it out from the toilet bowl as a protest to your annoying 10-minutes-once-bell-ringing-asking-for-water attitude. However, for those who travel with AA, prepare with some cash in ringgits as you need to buy drinking bottle from the cabin crew. Hydration is everything during long hour flights. I also always avoid heavy foods (read - bread, meat, rice) in flight as well - you are not burning calories by sitting on your bums for hours on ends. Pre-ordering a strict vegetarian is key. the food is usually decent, and it is serve before everyone else gets their meal! 

Incubator for Virus.  

Usually I will bring Dettol. What's your fave sanitizing tissue?

For sure everyone of you readers have a friend who work as a cabin crew right? When they say they clean up the plane after everyone disembark do they really mean they clean it through? Think logic! Am may look like a bimbo but I do know this for a fact, planes are incubator for viruses, and baby, am all about prevention! I will wipe down my arm rests, seat belt fasteners, tray table both side, window pull, wall next to my seat with a sanitizing towels. When I need to use the bathroom, I will use a paper towel to open the door. But however, if I'm too tired will be snoring with my mouth open sleeping by the window. Only God know if my "ayaq liuq basi" is all over the window. Hence, brother and sisters, wipe the window as well. If we can be too tired and sleep in such behavior, others could do the same as well!

Pre-Pack Inflight Toiletries.
An in-flight toiletries with the basic (toothbrush and toothpaste, your eyeglasses face care items, (I have entire set of) lip balm, hand cream, a spare set of contacts. I also throw in some make up; concealer, powder, eyeliner, mascara, and eyebrow pencil into it. This case along with my tablets and headphones, stay in the seat back pocket in front of me. Just make sure that all the cream is less than 100ml to follow suit the international standard policy procedure. 

And there you have it folks, some of my tried-and-true tips for surviving those awful long hours flight. Stay tune for more tips, tricks and hacks.


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