Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Top 10 Must Visit Paid - Attractions in LONDON!!

If earlier today in our Facebook page, we had shared the Top 20 Attractions in London, for both paid and free venue, this entry would be dedicated to elaborate further on the Paid Attractions! 

Well, everyone should be so excited and anxious as well when plan for a Europe Trip especially when you are going to visit London! Back in the early days of Malaysia's Independence, when one said he or she is going to London, it is almost an entire state celebration. The kepoh-type aunties will start to spread the words that he or she is going to city and out of bloom, you are the most eligible bachelor / bachelorette in the whole state! Those days, it is very difficult to travel for fun and usually those highly educated enough to be able to sent there under he government scholarship for further studies. Nowadays, all you need is to tight up your tummy, save more and cry every week during shopping-mall-sale days; and you already able to spent few thousands ringgit in a week for vacation! 

Through out this series, I try my bet to cover end to end, flood you guys with tons and tons of information and travel hacks pertaining to the Top 10 Must Visit Paid - Attraction in London!

  1. Tower of London
  2. St. Paul Cathedral 
  3. Westminster Abbey 
  4. Royal Academy of Arts
  5. Big Ben 
  6. Kew Botanical Garden 
  7. Fusiliers Museum 
  8. London Zoo 
  9. Hampton Court Palace
  10. Tower Bridge Exhibition

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