Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Tower of London - Top 10 Must Visit Paid - Attraction in LONDON!!

5 August - 11 November 2014 : Blood Swept Land and Seas of Red at Tower of London. 
888,426 ceramic red poppies were installed individually throughout the Tower of London compound. 
Each poppy represented a Commonwealth military fatality in the World War One. 

When I was a kid (since am 18 this year since am stop aging at that number - basically the word kid do mean about 5 6 years ago), my mum used to read me bedtime stories and the name Tower of London always being heard. In my mind I would imagine it as a modern spectacular tower like our pride KL Tower or at least something similar to Washington Monument in USA. When I finally had the chance to set foot into the remarkable historical building - my jaw drop to the floor. 

I thought back in my mind, "kalau cenggini pendek tower dia, tempat azan surau umah aku tinggi lagi". Like serious, Tower of London is only 27 meters of height, about 400 meters short from our KL Tower. Nevertheless, this "short" tower welcome 2.9 million visitors in the year of 2013. 

Introduction & History 

Tower of London : Location

Formerly, the tower was known as Her Majesty's Royale Palace and Fortress, located on the north the north bank of the River Thames in Central London. It was founded towards the end of 1066 as part of Norman the Conquest of London. The White Tower, which give the entire castle it name, was built by William the Conqueror in 1078. Interestingly, the entire complex of palace once served as a prison and royal residence as well. It is said that within the compound, Henry V beheaded her wife Anne Boleyn in  1536 for incest and treason. 

Apart from that, the tower also served as an armory, a treasury, a menagerie, the home of Royal Mint, a public records office, and the home of the Crown Jewels. 


Tower of London : Layout Plan

The castle is made up of one tower three and wards - White Tower, the innermost ward, inner wards and outer wards. 

*** Enough with all these history facts - I fall asleep myself writing it! ***

Ticket Price

Ticket Rate. Include with compulsary-yet-state-as-voluntary donations. 

The ticket includes access to the tower and Crown Jewels display,exhibitions including Coins and Kings and  Line of Kings, plus the Yeoman Warder and guided tour, live historical re-enactment, White Tower tour, children's activity trails and much mores!

In order to buy the tickets online for a cheaper rate, you also may purchase it here All you need to do is to select your visiting date and the ticket purchase is valid for one entry within 7 days from the date selected. 

Travel Hacks : For cheaper ticket price, you could purchase the 1 year membership. The membership only cost 47pounds. Yeah I know that it is almost double from the online ticket rate. HOWEVER, the membership allows you to unlimited access to the FIVE palaces throughout the year! Below are the savings you could enjoy by buying the membership card! 

5 palaces and attractions gate rates

Hence, instead of paying 77.50pounds to all these 5 palaces and attractions, you only need to pay 47pounds! That is a 40% savings equivalent to RM169.97 okay! 100 venti sized of Starbuck Latte plus tax! To purchase for the membership cards, you may click here.

Opening Time 

Basically, there are 2 opening time for Tower Of London. 

Travel Hacks : All the internal building close approximately 30 minutes after the last admission. Hence, plan your day and time of visit. The Tower open daily except o the 24th and 25th of December and 1st of January. 

Top Things to Do and See in Tower Of London!

1. The Crown Jewel 

The exhibition is all about the British Monarch Crown Jewels, the history of Royal Coronations, learn the history of all the jewels and what make a crown a symbol of power in British monarchy! However, please take note that this exhibition is highly secured and guarded! Hence, any attempt of stealing the jewels will be a fantasy! 

2. The White Tower 

Here visitors will have the opportunities to visit the Royal Armories Exhibition. The White Tower Tours (guided) are available 3 times daily at 10.45, 12.45 and 14.15. The tour also include with visit the top floor of the tower, the Torture Chamber. 

3. Royal Beast 

For the past 600 years, wild and exotic creatures had been held captive by kings and queens of England in the Tower. Yes in deed, the tower also once served as the Royal Zoo. Hence in this tour visitors are able to have an insight why such zoo was created and explore the exhibitions of skulls and tales of this royal beast (as the local call it)

4. Medieval Palace

Enter the world of Henry III and his son, Edward I who did much to give the tower the appearance it has today. Witness the ancient medieval way of a royal lifestyle as you enter the palace!

Top 10 Must Visit Paid - Attractions in LONDON!!

If earlier today in our Facebook page, we had shared the Top 20 Attractions in London, for both paid and free venue, this entry would be dedicated to elaborate further on the Paid Attractions! 

Well, everyone should be so excited and anxious as well when plan for a Europe Trip especially when you are going to visit London! Back in the early days of Malaysia's Independence, when one said he or she is going to London, it is almost an entire state celebration. The kepoh-type aunties will start to spread the words that he or she is going to city and out of bloom, you are the most eligible bachelor / bachelorette in the whole state! Those days, it is very difficult to travel for fun and usually those highly educated enough to be able to sent there under he government scholarship for further studies. Nowadays, all you need is to tight up your tummy, save more and cry every week during shopping-mall-sale days; and you already able to spent few thousands ringgit in a week for vacation! 

Through out this series, I try my bet to cover end to end, flood you guys with tons and tons of information and travel hacks pertaining to the Top 10 Must Visit Paid - Attraction in London!

  1. Tower of London
  2. St. Paul Cathedral 
  3. Westminster Abbey 
  4. Royal Academy of Arts
  5. Big Ben 
  6. Kew Botanical Garden 
  7. Fusiliers Museum 
  8. London Zoo 
  9. Hampton Court Palace
  10. Tower Bridge Exhibition