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Chapter 4 : Pasar Malam Pasar Malam in Ao Nang - How To KRABI Yourself with RM350

Previously in "How To KRABI Yourself with RM350",

Chapter 1 : Senandung Langkawi


Once settled with our check-in, rest for a while, shower and get ready; both of us simply grab our handbags and heads out. Mostly when others would check the beach or the Ao Nang street first, we went to check further away from the beach - the Muslim neighborhood. 

Malaysian in Krabi 

Krabi, Thailand is merely 816 KM away from our beloved Kuala Lumpur city, Malaysia. If you flew in via air (I'm refering to airplanes though), it will only take you about 1 hour and a half to reach Krabi International Airport. Unless there is someone who open the plane's door during the take off  - you eshould xpect some delay. Perhaps arrives the day after, due to delays, security check and investigations. If you want to drive, it is merely 18 hours journey if you could start your car. Or else may be years depending to your physical strength to push the car all way through. Malaysia Boleh would be the personal slogan. 

Hence, it is not something new when one Malaysian stays in Ban Ao Nang for her first time especially over the weekend and get a little bit confuse whether she did cross the international border or not. Trust me, it will be pack with Malaysian'plate numbered cars! 

Travel hacks : Like any tourist destination hot spot, it is wise not to travel and stay over the weekend in Krabi. Not only it will be pack with the local Thais, but also with neighboring country i.e Malaysia. Most of them are from the northern part like Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu. However, during this trip, I came to my realization that some Malaysian are really a group of adventure-seekers! I came across with a convoy of 8 Malacca-numbered plate cars. When I thought the journey from Kuala Lumpur to Ao Nang is tiring enough, Malacca - Ao Nang is just beyond my expectation. Moving forwar, the only way for me to be amazed and WOW at other fellow Malaysian travelers' adventure would be by "mengensot" or dragging yourself on the side while laying down all the way up north to Ao Nang. Other mode of transportation and journey should only be classified as average thrill! 

Halal Food in Krabi 

Due to this matter, and also to add that most Thai's Muslims call the southern regions as their home; it is not a shock that you could easily get Halal food in Krabi. There are dozens and dozens halal stalls and restaurants that offers variety of local delicacies along the Ao Nang Street. However they are certain restaurant do serve alcoholic beverages through a third-party bar. 

Halal food stalls near Krabi Resort
Credit to Nina Jasmine

Like any other tourist destination, in any part of the world; when there is a lot of tourist; the prices of goods will hike up to the mountains and beyond. For instance in Bali for example, the rent of sun-bathing lounge chair is  35,000 Rupiah while the tourist will be paying up to 100,000 Rupiah. A pack of Thai mango would cost only 20 Baht for locals or 70 Baht for the tourist. So for those who could speak the country's mother tongue, it is an additional advantage in order to enjoy the local rates. If only the face features are more less the same with the locals tho. Or else, you need to master another skills to get the 50 Baht discount for the mango, Special Effect Make Up. Yeah right, the Thais would believe a Nigerian black guy who can only speak "Sawadikarp" as their fellow Thai national!. (Even funnier if the black guy has Irish red hair, Indian almond shape eye and Native-American strong cheekbones - trying to blend in and bluff everyone that he is a local Thai)

Hence, it answer a lot of questions when you receive the bill for two with the amount of 280 Baht. Holding the bill with one hand while the other hand pat your forehead while your eyes glance back and forth between the bill and your 2 empty plates of Thai fried rice and 2 half-full glasses of fresh fruit juice. Some may say "well, it is only 280 baht, pay it up and don't be so scrooge about it". With the current currency exchange rate, 280 baht means you are paying around RM 35.00. 

Travel hacks : It is wise to bring a lot of your packed food or canned food like sambal ikan bilis, maggi for example (whiskers or pedigree if you find those type of canned fod tasty). Especially when you are in a very limited budget and going to stay for a long period of time. Or else, continue reading!

Muslim Neighborhood 

Many of us didn't realize the existence of a Muslim community in Ban Ao Nang area. Well, I didn't blame you when there is a continuous parade of Victoria Secret models in 2-piece-bikini during the day, all over the places. (rolling eyes) Okay fine, that statement is a bit exaggerated. Basically it is a parade of highly-confident-tourists with muffin-tops-at-the-hip parading 2-piece-Brazilian-bikini. Once a while, a Michelin-tyre mascot will join in a slow motion and blend with the rest of these muffin-tops wearing dark-colored brazillian bikini. Those bikini top that have 2 triangular shape that only cover those nipples. To find one Victoria-Secret-model-type is not even close to the phrase "finding a needle in a haystack" but more like "finding one in the whole barnyard!" Nevertheless, love the confident especially when they hop with joy like a 10-year-old school kid while singing loudly, "all about the bass".

Red Star is our guest house location.
Red circle is basically the Muslim neighbourhood
Blue Star is the Ao Nang Walking Street
Travel hacks : This Muslim neighborhood located about 850 metres from the beach and less bikini-clad bodies walking around. The main centre of the neneighborhoods the Ao Nang Mosque, with a Muslim cemetery adjacent to it. The easiest landmark for this neighborhood to find the Ibis Styles Krabi Ao Nang next to the cemetary. 

Walking from our guest house to the neighborhood is actually  about 45 minutes.  Well, what do you expect when you have 2 girls who love-to-shop-yet-don't-have-enough-money-to-buy-a-souvenir walking by pass shops after shops. We may not have enough money but that doesn't mean we can not go in and pretend to have a lot of it! We even bargain for a beautiful painting from 4300 Baht to 3000 Baht and then asked "do you accept Visa?" when we already saw the sign, 'Cash Only' before entering the gallery. Along the walk, you will by pass a Starbuck, McDonald's and a hotel name Vogue Hotel & Resort (in exact sequence) on your left while a row of clubs, massage centres and seafood restaurant on your right. 

Ao Nang Mosque's Food Stalls

There are 2 mosque in Ban Ao Nang (please don't get confuse!) The one that located in the neighborhood is the Ao Nang Mosque, which is located 1 KM from the beach.

Ao Nang Mosque with its row of street food stalls 

Once the sun set, there will be a row of halal stalls owned by Muslim owners that give your cheap and delicious food! If the halal stalls next to Krabi Resort by beach only offer pancakes, various fried rices and noodles; the stalls in front of Ao Nang Mosque offer a bit of middle east and Asian flavours. You can find seafood satay, Japanese-style shiitake mushroom gill, Thai's adaptation of Malaysian-yong-tau-foo steamboat, Persian Kebabs, adaptation of Indian's Beriyani and mussels pancake. When both of us went there last week, there is nothing above 50 baht. I repeat, nothing above 50 baht if you order for 1 items. You can't expect to order 10 meals and pay only 50 baht. 

Travel Hacks : Most of the food stalls only open during the night after Maghrib prayers. Dress appropriately and wear a flip flop - anything that scream only the word comfortable. Not because the evening breeze is a bit chilly, but it just going to be so awkward when the locals aunties coming out from the mosque after the Isya' in telekung while you in mini skirts and bikini top. Trust me, the aunties will definitely get back inside and continue with any other prayers. Qiamullail all the way to Subuh Farj. If it is the Michelin-type-wearing-the-bikini-top-only, the aunties devote another 2 years inside the mosque. 

Ao Nang Walking Street 

There are 2 Walking Street in Ao Nang. Don't get confuse with Catalunya Walking Street and Ao Nang Walking Street. Catanlunya is the night market that is quite modern located near the beach. The one with the Greek statue in the middle of it. While Ao Nang Walking Street is located at Soi Ao Nang 11/1, approximately 1.15 KM from the beach.

This is Cantalunya Walking Street.
I' ill share with you readers, in Chapter 6

Ao Nang Walking Street
Ao Nang Walking Street is actually a night market located within the Muslim neighborhood. It only open for business during the night. Until to date, I still wonder myself, why the night market in Malaysia and Thai only open during the evening.  Please don't expect it to be a massive one like the one we have in Putrajaya Prescint 2 or Jalan TAR. There is only 15 to 20 stalls maximum and half of it selling foods! Cheap and delicious local delicacies! But I'm not pretty sure whether it is open every night or on specific night. In fact I've tried to Google for the information also not available! 

Soi Ao Nang 11/1 - Ao Nang Night Market. 

It was here when we finally able to find something to eat after almost 1 hour 30 minutes of window shopping. Mussels Pancake. It was basically mussels, eggs (who doesn't love eggs, right girls?), flour and some chili powder. At first both of us really thought it was a mere scramble eggs or telur dadar Reading the board it stated the price is 40 Baht. So I was basically frowning my eyebrows and said to myself, "Did he use a golden egg for the scramble?" After seeing the guy cooked the pancake that I'd realized that I was wrong! Indeed it taste so delicious with a bit of Kimball chili sauce!

The guy is actually a Thai national but can speak a fluent bahasa Malysia
psssst he look a bit like Kamal Adli, a Malaysian actor.
The 35 Baht Mussels Pancake

Travel hacks : Malaysian being Malaysian. Night market food is simply the best! Right? 


Pancakes    = 40 baht
McParfait   = 45 baht
Total       = 85 baht

Balance    =  Thai Baht 881 and RM38.00

Another 2 nights to go! 

Next : Chapter 5 : Psssst Private Beach - How To KRABI Yourself with RM350.


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